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F-MAX Transplanter

The versatile machine that adapts to any plant and any terrain!

F-MAX Transplanter

To produce a harvest of quality and quantity, the maize requires a particular attention. This plant has a quite long productive cycle; in fact, it thrives when transplanting in the open field is managed with care, delicacy and precision. Through the maize transplanter in offer from Ferrari Growtech, your way of experiencing farming turns into 4.0: productive, waste-conscious and, also more efficient.

Whether it is about planting octophyllous maize varieties or quarantined maize, in order to proceed with an efficient transplanting, it is always fundamental to respect the spaces the plant needs to grow and develop. With the maize transplanter, configuring these parameters is easy and intuitive: the machine maintains to the millimeter the distance between the seedlings, between rows and the depth of planting, in order to give a regular and flourishing crop.  A high precision allows the right space to be left for the seedlings, while still keeping them close together, along an orderly structure, that will improve pollination during windy days.

While preferring the drained soil, the maize adapts well to any type of soil: with the maize transplanter on offer from Ferrari Growtech you can overcome even the inaccessible and insidious soil. Its robustness and its adherence to the ground are combined with the attention for the operator safety and high performance in any working condition. If you want to guarantee, at any moment of the year, a warm soil to the maize seeds and protected from weeds, rely on the transplanter equipped with the mulching function: the machine will stretch out a plastic or biodegradable layers, capable of raising the temperature for a better maize cultivation. Two functions in one for the maximum versatility:  with the Ferrari Growtech transplanter you obtain excellent results, resulting from experience, passion, long experimentations and always having an eye turn to the future.

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