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F-MAX Transplanter

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F-MAX Transplanter

Although is a tropical fruit, during the last years the pineapple has spread all over the world and, are increasingly the companies that decide to grow this plant. Its transplantation represents a delicate phase but essential: moving the pineapple in open fields allows to make its structure more resistant and obtaining a far greater harvest. This is why the pineapple transplanter of Ferrari Growtech was born, designed on the basis of the characteristics and needs of this fruit, originally from South America.

Saving and efficiency are the basis of the pineapple transplanter, designed to increase productivity thanks to the possibility of working on multiple rows simultaneously. By doing this, the action speed is combined with millimeter precision: the operator can easily and intuitively configure the machine parameters where the machine must move. Therefore, the transplant takes place at constant distances both between the seedlings and between the rows, a fundamental aspect for a correct planting of the pineapple. This fruit, in fact, needs a uniform space and appropriated to its size in order to mature in the open field.

The pineapple transplanter of Ferrari Growtech places the seedlings in the ground so as not to cause damage to its structure, thus eliminating the risk of transplanting shock. Thanks to its delicacy during the planting, the pineapple will find immediately a suitable and hospitable environment, where will grow and develop. The result? More harvest and less crop waste, time and money, fundamental aspects in order to create innovative agriculture and horticultural activities, attention to productivity but also to the future of the planet.

To protect the pineapple from temperature drops and dangerous frosts, opt for a mulching transplanter: in addition to planting, it will spread a layer which will keep the soil warm and will promote greater soil fertility. You can also choose between an automatic transplanter, so advanced as to be autonomous during the transplant, and semi-automatic transplanter: the excellent performance, in this case, comes from the hand of man combined with the advanced technology of the machine.

For an excellent pineapple transplant, that provides excellent yields and a greater attention to waste and seedling health, choose the transplanters of Ferrari Growtech: available in different versions, they will satisfy the individual needs of the company and, also, will maximize the efficiency.

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