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FX and FX MULTIPLA Transplanter

Transplant your lettuce to the utmost efficiency!

FX and FX MULTIPLA Transplanter

Most of the success of the carrot transplanter derives from the delicacy with which it is executed. That’s why the Ferrari Growtech’s carrot transplanter is the best support in these contexts: this innovative machine has been thought of, designed and then tested in multiple trails to allow you to perform a perfect planting of this vegetable.

The transplanter is able to adapt to the different characteristics of the carrot, such as the size of the root, which can be more large or thin depending on the singular variety. This vegetable is particularity presented as fragile in each of its parts (from the foliage to the root): this is why the machine makes the transplant in standing position, avoiding sudden movements that can cause a shock to the seedling and, therefore, problems for its growth. 

Besides, being delicate, the Ferrari’s carrot transplanter is extremely precise: it is possible to set the distance between carrots, the distance between the inter-rows and the depth of the transplant to the millimeter, in order to give to the seedling, the possibility to develop at its best in the soil. Speaking of soil, the machine ensures the maximum adherence to the ground even when it’s soft and rocky, for a brilliant performance in any working conditions. 

Thanks to the possibility of moving over, in contemporaneity, to one or more rows, the transplanter is easy to adjust, it requires a minimum support from the operator and it can reach an excellent hourly yield. Choose between an automatic or semi-automatic version: each model is characterized by different specifications for satisfying different types of needs. With the Ferrari carrot transplanter, you won’t get just a machine, but the best ally in order to ease your work, while perfecting the results.

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