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Mechanical Transplanters FPA EVO, FPA MULTIPLA and FP Mulch

Transplant onto mulched ground at maximum efficiency!

Mechanical Transplanters FPA EVO, FPA MULTIPLA and FP Mulch

Transplanting is a key process in the cultivation of different varieties of pumpkin: this plant, in fact, is able produce a much more luxuriant crop from the moment it finds hospitable soil, that is well adapted to its characteristics and needs. Preparing the soil and having an performing optimal planting in open field is the focus on the pumpkin transplanter of Ferrari Growtech: this machine, born from the ingenuity and quality typical of Made in Italy, represents the best support for the farmer who cares about crop wellbeing and reducing environmental impact.

In order to plant pumpkin in open field, firstly, it is necessary to wait for the right moment. Normally, this happens with the appearance of the first leaf on the seedling. The transplanting has to coincide with a warm period, when the risk of wind and frost is reduced to zero: the pumpkin, in fact, needs to find a warm and welcoming soil, not only in the natural characteristics but also in the space it is given to develop.

With the pumpkin transplanter is possible to adjust to the millimeter the distance between the seedlings and between the rows and the depth of planting, depending on the variety of the plant (there are smaller pumpkins and particularly large pumpkins, which require more space for proper cultivation). It is the machine itself that takes care for transplanting the crop, making sure making sure that it is planted with the maximum delicacy, to avoid sudden movements that could cause damage or, in the worst case, total decay. The ideal combination of warm soil, the creation of regular, well-defined spaces in which to develop, and attention to transplanting will minimize the risk of drastic changes for the pumpkin: it will find the suitable environment, where it will always have the suitable space and conditions to thrive. At the same time, thanks to the possibility to operate simultaneously on one or more rows, the farm will be able to achieve maximum efficiency during transplanting

In the Ferrari Growtech’ s catalogue there are different models of pumpkin transplanters, depending to the individual needs of the farmer: the semiautomatic versions combine productivity with the labour force; otherwise, the automatic machines extract independently he alveoli by the use of the ejectors, which place them in the ground, closing then the groove. The transplanter combined with a mulcher also allows spreading plastic or biodegradable layers, which keep for a long time the soil warm and safe from weeds and bacteria that can damage the seedling.

What is the fruit of innovative pumpkin transplanters designed for the farmer, but also for the crop? An even more abundant harvest, with the minimization of wastes and an increasingly green vision of agriculture, a vital aspect in the 21st century.

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