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FPM Potato Planter

Simplicity and functionality at the service of your potato planting

FPM Potato Planter

A potato planter machine must meet these requirements: simplicity, robustness and precision. Following a long series of tests and trials, Ferrari Growtech created the potato planter machine mod. FERRARI FPM, which has been designed specifically to satisfy all the criteria required by contemporary agriculture. Being both smart and functional, this machine allows you to perform different types of seeding: not only potatoes, but also tubers, whole or cut bulbs. The entire procedure is carried out with pinpoint accuracy: you will be able to spread evenly the potatoes on the ground, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the distance between rows and varying the seeding spacing from 17 to 45 cm by means of a series of gears. The special sprockets will let you adjust the distances between the seedlings and the rows, giving the potatoes the right space to grow and develop in the soil.

The Ferrari Growtech potato planter is solid, resistant and designed to last, it has excellent mobility on all types of soils: adapts perfectly to the characteristics of the ground, allowing operators to move quickly and safely. By doing so, productivity is combined with speed of execution: an ideal combination to ensure excellent performance in terms of time and productivity.

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