FPM Potato Planter

FPM Potato Planter

Simplicity and functionality at the service of your potato planting

FPM Potato Planter

HP 40 ÷ 150

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

60 ÷ 80 cm / 23,6" ÷ 31,5"

The FERRARI potato planter mod FPM  is a very simple and fuctional machine, each element is equipped with a large turning carousel that allows the tubers to drop down into the furrow. The Semi-automatic potato planter is driven by the driving wheel of the element. 

The earthing-up of the tubers is made either by discs with adjustable angle or by ridgers with adjustable wings.

 FPM potato planter has been designed for planting either potatoes or other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut in pieces. The distance between the rows is adjustable and the seeding distance can be altered from 17 to 45 cm.

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