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For those working in agriculture, transplanting seedlings is the most delicate stage. This is the reason why performing this phase with the right equipment is fundamental. Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche creates innovative vegetable transplanters, which are designed following many shrewd experiments.  The outcome is a machine developed in detail to ensure greater efficiency, zero downtime and less operator fatigue, which are essential factors for maximum productivity.

The Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche transplanting machines for vegetables stand out for their versatility: they adapt to any type of soil, loose or clayey, and can transplant seedlings with sometimes very different characteristics, such as tomato, lettuce, cabbage and celery. Ferrari machines, fast and safe, guarantee maximum care at every step: from opening the groove to closing it and planting the plant. The transplanter keeps the vegetable standing during the entire transplanting phase. This factor, combined with the possibility of calibrating the distance between seedlings in the same row to the millimetre, minimises the risk of shock to the vegetable, which thus has the necessary space to develop and grow healthy and rigorous.

In Ferrari's catalogue of vegetable transplanters you can find many models that can be customised to suit your needs. You could choose between a semi-automatic version, supported by the operator's work, or an automatic version: in this case, the user will only have to input the panels into the loading tracks of the individual planting element and the transplanter will take care of the rest. If you want to produce more and have a reliable, precise and flexible machine to back it up, you should rely on the Made in Italy technology of Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche.

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