Precision seeder mod F-SEED

Precision seeder mod F-SEED

The new seeder can guarantee the highest precision

Precision seeder mod F-SEED

9 exits

Max per seeding head


The F-SEED precision seeder with electric motor has been developed in every single detail to guarantee high precision seeding, fast and efficient 

It’s equipped with:

  • ELECTRIC MOTOR: The kg seeds per ha can be adjusted with extreme precision easily through the touch-screen.
  • FLOATING ROLLERS: one in the front roller and one in the back, both in stainless steel. The weight distribution on each roller is adjustable according to the type of ground the machine is dealing with.  
  • INDEPENDENT PLOUGHSHARES: Each share is installed on a floating internal frame that follows the ground. The height of the shares is adjustable to alter the seed depth.

  • Ideal both in greenhouses and open field 
  • Ideal for sowing cut crops 
  • 3 different frames available, according to the farmers need (special frames with multiple seeding heads are also produced)

The new Ferrari Growtech seeder is very versatile since it gives the operator the possibility to change the type of seed in just a few minutes, by choosing pre-set or customizable programs on the touch-screen; it guarantees high precision in the quality of seed/m2.

One of the features that are making F-SEED a completely innovative machine is the patented seed distribution system. It consists of a sowing head and a sponge which by turning leads the seed to the ground without any damage. Each sowing head can be equipped with a maximum number of 9 exits. 

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