FPC Layer and Transplanter

FPC Layer and Transplanter

Combine an advanced cube transplanter with a mulching machine!

FPC Layer and Transplanter

HP 80 ÷ 200

120 ÷ 225 cm / 47" ÷ 88"

23 ÷ 60 cm / 9" ÷ 23,6"


plants/hour per row



Mulching transplanter capable of spreading both polyethylene and biodegradable plastic film, fixing it to the ground, drilling it and transplanting it with cubic-compressed clods in a semi-automatic manner with average yields of 5,000 plants/hour per row.

3types of frame


  • Width of 1400-1600 mm
  • Width of 1600-1800 mm
  • Width of 1700-1900 mm


In the case of widths other than those indicated, special frames can be manufactured

  • Device for cutting hydraulic film with removal of obstructive material.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for the control of film pressure.
  • Hydraulic lifting of the machine for inspection.
  • Rear platform for cargo pallet.

On each row there is an infeed strip that separates one clod from the other and inserts it, through the hole made by the perforator in the plastic film, into a groove traced by a ploughshare operating simultaneously under the sheet. The operation is managed by a synchronised gripper system.

The real innovation of this machine lies in its extraordinary production capacity thanks to its general electronic management, in addition to the distance that can be set via the digital keyboard.

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