FPA FLASH Layer and Transplanter

FPA FLASH Layer and Transplanter

Mulching and transplanting in one step!

FPA FLASH Layer and Transplanter

HP 60 ÷ 100

120 ÷ 230 cm / 47" ÷ 90"

from 35 cm / 14"


plants/hour per row



Mechanical mulching transplanter capable of spreading both polyethylene and biodegradable plastic film, fixing it to the ground and transplanting plugs with conical and cylindrical shape (max 7 cm in diameter).

3 types of frame


  • Width of 750-1300 mm (30” – 51”)
  • Width of 1200-1700 mm (47” – 67”)
  • Width of 1600-2000 mm (63” – 79”)  
  • 1 operator per row
  • Vegetables: tomatoes - salads - brassicas - celery - peppers - all other vegetables in seedlings similar to the above with height min 6 cm max 25 cm
  • Main equipment: furrow-opening ploughshare - electronic gearbox - hydraulic transmission - stainless steel roller

It can also transplant on bare ground, in greenhouses or in open fields, with an hourly production of up to 3,500 plants for each row. The inter-row is adjustable starting from cm. 35 and the distance on the row is adjustable from cm.18 up to cm.165 (in relation to the number of cups that can be from 1 to 6). Each element is equipped with a rotating distributor that supplies the cups, which, after perforating the plastic film, release the seedling into a furrow traced by a ploughshare operating simultaneously under the plastic film.

The great innovation of this mulching transplanter lies in its compactness and extraordinary production capacity combined with high transplanting quality and precision, thanks to the reduced hole on the plastic film and the parallelogram system specially designed for this type of machine.

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